Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most common questions

How do I choose the flavors for my brigadeiros box?

In the cart you will find a section at the bottom of the page: "Special Instructions..." where you can add the details of your box.

Can I request special brigadeiros (lactose-free, etc.)?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to accommodate special needs. All our products are lactose-based.

How do we confirm your orders?

We check every order before accepting them to ensure we are able to bring you the best experience possible. Don't worry, we will contact you as needed.
During our verification, if everything is correct, you will receive a confirmation email and the amount will be taken from your card.

Are delivery dates limited to Saturdays only?

Yes. However, if you have a special request, please contact us by phone, message, email or Whatsapp. We will listen and verify our ability to accommodate your special delivery needs.

Can I request a specific time for my delivery?

Generally we cannot give an exact time for delivery. Our time slot is normally between 9am and 2pm. However, if you have a particular need, please contact us.

If I don't want to pay by card, how can I order?

You can order through us communication channels. The fastest way will be by Whatsapp.