Traditional Chocolate

Brigadeiro With Chocolate 54%. (Brazilian Favorite)

nut free/gluten free

Crème Brûlée

White Brigadeiro infused with vanilla extract and caramelized top.

nut free

Pumpkin Spice

Brigadeiro with pumpkin puree, coconut, cinnamon and cloves.

nut free

Burnt Coconut

White Chocolate Brigadeiro covered with fine flakes of burnt coconut.

nut free

Colorful Sprinkles

Chocolate Brigadeiro 54%.

gluten free/nut free

Romeo and Juliet

Brigadeiro with parmessan cheese and guava.

nut free


Brigadeiro with 54% chocolate infused with coffee.

nut free

Two Lovers (Bem Casado)

Fusion of the Classic brigadeiro and white chocolate brigadeiro.

nut free

Brigadeiro M&m's

Milk brigadeiro with Nutella and M&m's on top.

nut free

Brigadeiro Crispearls

Milk chocolate brigadeiro or white brigadeiro with crispearls (chocolate-covered cereals).

nut free

Colorful Milk Brigadeiro

Brigadeiro With Colored Milk.

nut free

Dark Cocoa

Brigadeiro with chocolate 70% cocoa.

nut free


Brigadeiro with 54% chocolate with coconut on top.

nut free

Surprise Grape

Green grapes coated with white brigadeiro.

nut free

Passion Fruit

White brigadeiro infused with passion fruit.

nut free

Artistical Brigadeiro

Traditional Brigadeiro filled with 54% chocolate and hand painted.

sans noix